Gifts for Mom, from the Kids

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, help your kids show just how much they appreciate mom with a homemade gift. Not only does this add more meaning, but these gifts are inexpensive, easy to make, and last a lifetime. Here’s some great inspiration:

Paper Flower Bouquet
Grab some scissors, glue, and construction paper and design some paper flowers with all the colors mom loves. Then put them on display for mom to enjoy! If your kids would prefer to paint, here is a quick and easy flower craft to brighten mom’s day: Paper Flower Bouquet

Want to display spring flowers—real or paper? Carefully cut the top off a 48oz bottle of Juicy Juice and then have your little ones decorate it with fun spring colors and stickers. When it comes time to fill your beautiful new vase, you can put real flowers from your yard, paper flowers, or this fun yarn bouquet you can make at home.

Personalized Tote Bag
Tote bags are the perfect gift for mom thanks to their light yet sturdy materials. Get a canvas tote and some fabric paint or fabric markers and let your kids show their creative side. Best of all, mom can take this gift with her anywhere!

Watercolor Bookmarks
With some watercolor paints and watercolor paper, your kiddos can remind mom how much they love her between the pages of her favorite books. Cut the watercolor paper into convenient sizes, paint, and let them dry. Now you have the perfect bookmarks for mom!

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